Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis New
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (April 14, 1961 Issue) Verne R. Boulton, of Loomis, was one of the 10 scientists representing the United States at an International Measurements Conference to be held in June in Budapest, Hungary. Boulton was employed by Aerojet General Corp. as an assistant manager of testing. His contributions in the field of rocket instrumentation and control system designs were nationally recognized. Boulton lived in Hidden Valley and was a candidate for the Loomis Union Elementary School board of trustees. Funeral services were held for Mary Taylor Williams, 86, a native of Amador City and a Loomis resident since 1913. Survivors included her daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Oakes, Mrs. Gertrude Platt and Mrs. Ruth Haley; and son, James T. Williams. Approximately 28 Boy Scouts from Troop 12 enjoyed a weekend camp-out on the Colfax property of Bruce Barnes. In the Want Ads — Help wanted: Efficient woman for housework, afternoons, five days a week. $1 per hour. 25 YEARS AGO (April 17, 1986 Issue) Del Oro counselor Bob Bonner was named the Grand Marshal of the 1986 Loomis Mother's Day Parade. He was Del Oro's football coach after transferring from Placer High in 1962. Loomis artist Bonnie Lutz was the featured artist in the Jessie Helms Room at the Loomis Library. Heather Hundley, Diane Simmons, Mary Fernandes, Jennifer Waiter, Laura Davis, Melissa Dugger, Cori Buckley, Janelle Birch, Christina Bertram, Rockelle Holt, Erin Ziegler, Della Rowland and Julie Natali were all influential in leading the Del Oro soccer team to a 6-0 record in league. Jennie Stitt, a Loomis School third-grader, designed the winning logo for the 1986 Loomis Mother's Day parade. Ted Nishimoto was named the branch manager of Heart Federal Savings and Loan in Loomis. A service was conducted for Roy Hidekichi Watanabe, 87, a Penryn resident for 50 years. He was a retired fruit rancher. Ina Viola Barrick Vance passed away at the age of 81. She was the founder of the Levi and Laces Folk Dance Club. She had lived in Loomis for many years with her husband Earl, a local barber. 10 YEARS AGO (April 19, 2001 Issue) Recollecting their days working in the Loomis fruit sheds were Diane Day and Albertina "Bertie" Ramos Nevarez. Diane's first memories of a fruit shed was bouncing along in a big truck by the side of her grandfather, Sam Day, as he delivered fruit to the Loomis Fruit Growers Association. During high school, she ranch-packed for the Brennan family and then in the DeGeorgio Fruit Shed, starting at 35 cents an hour. Bertie started in 1942 as a packer at the California Fruit Exchange for 4 cents per box. She learned her work ethic from "Floor Ladies" Belle Ferguson and Mary Yoshino. Bertie continued to pack fruit for 52 years and was known as the fastest packer in Placer County. The Del Oro Band Winter Percussion prepared for a championship competition in Modesto. Among the members were Matt Neal, Mike Gazzolo, Kate Nitta, Sara Provencano, Ali Goff and Dana Fishy. Among the children enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt in Loomis were Robin Rowland, KJ McKenzie, Harley Fernandez, Ciara McKenzie and Alex Glassel.