Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (Oct. 14, 1960 Issue) Word was received of the death of Fred E. Kayo, 78, of Penryn. He was born Dec. 13, 1882 in Sacramento. The Loomis Volunteer Fire Department was planning its Annual Firemen’s Ball for Nov. 12 at Memorial Hall. The Red Clark orchestra would furnish the music for dancing from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. The Loomis Junior Women’s Club held a bake sale that netted $44. Proceeds went to the Penryn Elementary School hot lunch fund. Members of the newly formed Happy Bluebird group included Anne Elkus, Donna Lee Hughey, Rebecca Warwick, Pamela Taylor, Suzanne Makita, Yvonne Hirota, Darleen Whitcomb, Marleen Whitcomb, Patsy Whitcomb, Mary Ellen Rosales, Shirley Colwell, Teresa Mnich and Elizabeth Breckenridge. The Snowball Bluebirds enjoyed a roller skating party in Auburn and enjoyed birthday cake in honor of Kathryn Leak’s birthday on Oct. 9. Present were Karen Hansen, Yvonne Bleak, Kathryn Leak, Sandra Makimoto, Terry Tudsbury, Ellen Carothers, Eileen Billingsley and Laura Koprowski. Also celebrating a birthday was Sonja Mnich, 7. The Rainbow Girls of Penryn Assembly 211 were collecting discarded and broken toys to be repaired at the Placer County Sheriff’s office and distributed to needy children at Christmas time. 25 YEARS AGO (Oct. 17, 1985 Issue) Field Conductor Julie Reader led the Del Oro Golden Eagle Marching Band for the 7th Annual Band Spectacular. The Grand Marshals for the parade were Dr. Nicholas and Sally Bailey. Six of their children were former band members. Dr. Bailey served as a flight surgeon and saw 500 hours of combat flying during WWII. The Baileys were married in 1945. Dr. Bailey practiced medicine in Loomis from 1955 to 1982. Both he and Sally were active with Del Oro and the Golden Eagle Band. Jim Victorine of Loomis specialized in bamboo fly rod refinishing. (He is still in the business and can be found most days around 1 p.m. at the Main Drug counter.) Scoutmaster Dave Conrad, along with assistant Bill Stitt, recognized those Scouts who accompanied them on the annual 50-mile hike. Preparing for the 45th JACL Goodwill Dinner were Hugo Nishimoto, Ko Uyeno, Ken Tokutomi, Tad Yamashiro, Nob Hamasaki, Ellen Kubo, Shig Yokote, Amy Tokutomi, Bill Tsuji and Judy Buckley. 10 YEARS AGO (Oct. 19, 2000 Issue) Paul’s Place Association spearheaded a wheelchair fund for Bart Brunello of Loomis who was born with cerebral palsy. Bart found out he had a lot of friends, not only in Loomis. A student at Woodcreek High School, Candace Dodge, did not know Bart but she collected $665 from classmates at her school for the fund. Bob and Murriel Oles were the Grand Marshals for the 22nd Annual Golden Eagle Band Spectacular. They became active with the Spectacular at the invitation of Lorene and Lloyd Owen, who were the Grand Marshals of the 3rd Band Review. Finders Keepers, owned by Jennifer Knisley and Sheila Lee, geared up for the Halloween costume season. Gene Atwood opened Fountains and Flowers downtown next to the South Placer Municipaul Utility District building.