Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (Sept. 23, 1960 Issue) Loomis 4-H Club members did well at the Roseville and Auburn fairs. Exhibitors included Jim Carlisle, Stanley Carlisle, Susan Carlisle, Barbara Pilliard, Jim McAdoo, Susan Blue, Butch Hooper, Barbara Crossley, Patty Crossley, Kathy Wycoff, Gail Wood, Doug Smith, Leonard Smith, Brenda Given, Darrel Spence, Carol Len Smith, Frank Nute, Merilee Howard, Richard Howard, Pattie Takahashi, Janice Patterson, Marilyn Carlisle, Doreen Spence, Kathie DeVilliers, Judy Vaiza, Carol Vaiza, Cristeen Harness, Kathie Nute, Kathie Garrison and Ken Harness. Bill Struble and Conrad Yhnell were attending the California Poly-Technic College in San Luis Obispo; Brenda Mangiaracina, University of California at Berkeley; Joe Peterson, University of California at Davis; Karen Williams, Bonnie Brekke, Carla Mangiaracina and Jeannie Takemoto, Sacramento State College; Marilyn Carlisle, Chico State; and Carol Black, Patty Coburn, Ann Lee Rippey and Frank Nute Jr., Sierra College at Auburn. The Loomis P.T.A. annual membership drive was in progress. Dues were $1 per person. 25 YEARS AGO (Sept. 25, 1985 Issue) The Valencia Club had been serving food in Penryn for over 40 years. Joyce Skellenger retired from the U.S. Postal Service. She and her husband Arly lived in Loomis since 1942. Sierra College Athletic Director George Goto planned to retire. He began his teaching career at Roseville High School in 1955. Dr. Nicholas and Sally Bailey were named Grand Marshals for the 7th Annual Del Oro Marching Band Spectacular. Clifford and Olliemae Flint Hayes of Penryn celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Clifford worked for the Penryn Fruit Co., Gladding McBean, McClellan AFB, and retired as a county appraiser. Olliemae retired as postmistress for the Penryn Post Office, following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Elmer Croft. Services were held for Alpo Edward Maki, 74, a native of Finland. He had lived in the Loomis area for 21 years and worked as a mail clerk for the U.S. Postal Service. 10 YEARS AGO (Sept. 28, 2000 Issue) Jon Bergstrom was the Del Oro Homecoming coordinator. He hoped to set an attendance record for the Homecoming parade. Services were held for Esther Davis, 84, a resident of Loomis since 1937. Along with her first husband, the late “CC” Dickinson, she managed the Wayside Cafe and Bar. Tiffany Salazar, 11-year-old granddaughter of Larry and Karen Thompson of Loomis, held up a 24-pound yellow straightneck squash grown by her grandparents. Del Oro started the football season with wins over Oak Ridge 17-12, Center 49-8, and Ponderosa 50-12.