Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (June 17, 1960 Issue) A meeting to determine whether or not an anterless deer hunt should be held in Placer County was planned in the county supervisors’ chambers by the California Divisoin of Fish and Game. Joseph H. Hogeland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russel C. Hogeland of Loomis, was promoted to gunnery sergeant where he was serving with the First Marine Corps Air Station in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. The Loomis Levis and Laces folk dance club was planning their last party of the summer season. Committee members included Vivian and Markey Rasmussen, Benny Hood, Aden Reaka, Ricky Boundy, Bob Randall, Grace and Al Fieser, and Doris and Myron Morgan. The Loomis Lions Club planned to set up two fireworks stands from June 27 to July 4. 25 YEARS AGO (June 20, 1985 Issue) Del Oro High School seniors honored during the awards ceremony included Michelle DeWing, Annie Echelmeier, Phillip Green, David McMullin and Beth Williams (Principal’s Award), Teri Croy and Suzanne Manceau (Golden Eagle Award), Wendy Knox and Arthur Cadena (Athletes of the Year), Suzanne Manceau and Blaine White (Girl and Boy of the Year), Kathy Crespillo, James Minton, and Beth Williams (Perfect Attendance - 4 years). Bill Scott was named “Teacher of the Year” for the Loomis School District for his innovative classroom work. Mentor teacher Hassie Marg prepared a fine arts program, and Mark Rickabaugh was set to run the summer session for the district. Loomis optometrist Dr. Peter Klem and family physician Dr. Garry Gramm planned for a summer health fair. The Smurfs were the Five Cities softball minor division champions with timely hits from Mindy Fohl, Julie Bitner and Sandra Velasquez. The winning pitcher was Cheyenne D’Alessandro with Charmaine Paquet catching. Their teammates were Melanie Stitt, Anna Sutherland, Tiffany Trivett, Lisa Peck, Shelly Jenkins, Cheryl Blain and Debbie Cook. Mike Crim was among the students keeping their eyes on life-size Wizard of Oz characters at the Loomis School library. The characters were part of the Oakland A’s reading program. Grace Bain and Karen Steinke served as co-presidents of the Franklin Parent Teacher Club. 10 YEARS AGO (June 15, 2000 Issue) Franklin School teachers Kathryn Leupp and Carolyn Basque were nominated for the Disney American Teacher’s Award which recognized creative work that teachers do. Kathryn, a member of the Leak family with deep roots in Loomis, worked for the Loomis district for 25 years. Carolyn grew up in Auburn and taught in Loomis for 20 years. Franklin School teachers Bruce Waymire along with fellow teacher Jann Neal began creating a Franklin Living History Science Center. The finished project would be comprised of historical recreations of American dwellings. Placer School student Nicole Whatley was named an All-American Scholar by the United States Achievement Academy. The program recognized students who excelled in academics. Tiffany Baggaley showed her Reserve Champion feeder hog to friend Kimberly Harrison at the Placer County Fair. Gigg Powers was the new Loomis Lions Club President. The installation and dinner were a great success thanks to program chairman Jack Winger.