Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (May 27, 2010 Issue) Mrs. Mae Yhnell of Loomis was installed president of the Woman’s Club of Loomis. Serving with her were Boyanna Brown, Louise Dudley, Jessie Helms, Louise Swetzer, Ola Knoles, Lillian Campbell and Elizabeth Lindsay. Mildred Naylor was the installing officer. The Placer School Picnic was to be held June 5 at the old Placer School site. Students and families of anyone who attended Rock Sprinigs, Loomis, Franklin and Citrus Colony schools in the years 1894 to 1924 were invited. Dedication of the new Placer School was to be held during the picnic. Placer County Supervisor Robert Radovich planned to open an office in Loomis, in a space adjacent to the Nelthorpe store. Radovich’s district included Loomis, Penryn, Newcastle, Ophir, Sheridan, Rocklin and Lincoln. Loomis softball teams played at the Iron Mine Camp near Auburn. A surprise joint baby shower was held for Mrs. Cosma Sakemoto and Mrs. Mike Lopez during a regular meeting of the Den Mothers of the Loomis Cub Scouts. 25 YEARS AGO (May 30, 1985 Issue) The Placer County JACL awarded scholarships in honor of Masa Sakamoto and Thomas Yego Sr. Sakamoto was killed in action during WWII while serving with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team in France. Yego was one of the co-founders of the JACL. Playground equipment was installed at Loomis Community Park in memory of Nancy Ernst. Placer Sheriff Sgt. Steve Reader was the newly appointed liaison for the Town of Loomis. Faculty members Larry Wyatt, Karen Rush, Jack Pchelkin and Judith North were honored as members of the Del Oro No. 1 Club. Dan Mortenson of Newcastle was active in air races. His latest race plane was a Mong biplane. George Makimoto, Lucille Harness, Charles Kell and Tony Guidera cooked spaghetti for the American Legion John A. Stacker Post 775. The event benefited the Del Oro Boys and Girls State program. 10 YEARS AGO (May 25, 2000 Issue) The Blue Anchor Fruit Shed restoration was put on a fast track by the Loomis Basin Heritage Group, led by President Hamid Noorani. Known for its work in the Loomis community, the architectural firm of Williams and Paddon would donate some of its time and services. Dorothy Shiro was instrumental in getting a non-profit status for the Heritage Group. Seen in town with their mom on Mother’s Day were Carlee Mason with her mom, Peggy, Dawn Forcier with Cynthia, Gordon Takemoto with Rose, Matt Struble with Jan, and 4-year-old Christy Miller with her mom, Toni. A counterfeit $100 bill surfaced in Loomis. Bert Braun of the Cowpoke notified the Sheriff’s Department and other merchants in town.