Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (March 11, 1960 Issue) Two Colorado spruce trees were planted on either side of the flag pole at Placer School. They were presented to the school by Mrs. Adda Hansen, in memory of her husband, Nick Hansen, who was a student of the old Placer School. The second tree was presented by the students of the third-grade classes of Mrs. Lapp and Mrs. Morgan, including John DeVilliers, Linda Montero, Karen Beck and Nicki Hansen. Present were school board trustees, and former students of the old Placer School, were Lois Northrop, Walter Sakamoto and William Tudsbury, board president. Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Takagishi were planning to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house at the Ben Takahashi home. The couple were married a the former Episcopalian Church in Loomis. Their children were Mary Yasaki, Ida Inouye, Florence Takahashi, David Takagishi and Jonathan Takagishi. Norman Cook of Penryn was elected president of the Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter at Sierra College. Students from the Loomis area inicluded Doris Gross and Ora Lee Kimbrough. 25 YEARS AGO (March 14, 1985 Issue) Cheryl McVey became a full partner with Jim Makimoto in his independent insurance agency in Loomis. Del Oro football coach and wood shop instructor Larry Wyatt trained for the Western States 100-mile ultra-marathon. His support crew consisted of his wife Kris, Steve and Nancy March, and Bill and Bob Weygandt. Del Oro’s junior prom was enjoyed many, including prom queen and king, Dina Ferrel and Ryan Goodfellow. Their royal court included Des Haug, Jeff Tooker, Julie Wendell and Peter Paulin. Pam Tooker coordinated the Loomis Blood Drive sponsored by the local Lions Clubs along with the Methodist and Catholic churches. The Del Oro S-Club was selling gold-plated necklaces as a fund raiser. Club members included Beth Williams, Kathy Moberly, Noelle Latona and Robyn Oles. The Soroptimist S-Club advisor was Virginia Rowley. Local girls could apply for the Miss Loomis Contest with the winner participating in the Miss Placer County Pageant. The 1985 Miss Loomis was Teri DeWing, and the runner-up was Karen Rowley. 10 YEARS AGO (March 9, 2000 Issue) Jerry Lewelling, Dennis Rieke, Ken Iwasaki and Jim Makimoto were preparing to barbecue kushiyaki for the 48th Oriental Food Bazaar for the First United Methodist Church of Loomis. Among those making pies for the event were Carol Iwasaki, Judy Nelson, Betty Jabusch, Carol Ransford and Dee Jabusch. The GreenTree Children’s Ballet Company, under the direction of Pauline Von Thaden, performed “Alice in Wonderland.” Performers included Lindsey Tooker, Tracy Meyer, Stephanie Bonner, Mallory Naake, Alexandra Haynes, Kristen Rulifson, Rachel Haynes and Eliese Rulifson. The Del Oro boys basketball team ended a successful season as they fell to Natomas in the semi-finals of the playoffs. Leading the scoring for the Eagles were Bob Corbett, Jared Joyner, Pete Demas, Kevin Hill, Rocky Fasani, Brian Armstrong, Kyle Mowry and Chris Wheatley. Former Del Oro basketball player Ricci Andersen was starting for the women’s team at Sierra College. Placer School students prepared to spend 16 days in Australia as part of the “People to People Student Ambassadors.” The students were David Outlaw, Chris Walstad, Kevin Ash, Nick Huppe, Alex Hendricks, Brianna Bousman and Megan McCavitt. President Eisenhower started the program with the belief that people can make the difference where government is not. The Loomis News and Loomis Basin Chamber moved from Howard Mehl’s downtown building to the Loomis Plaza Center on King Road. Helping with the move were Wes Barnes and son Wesley. Also helping were Alice Barnes, Barbara Nichols, Rick Mason, Larry Spencer, Jim Crets, Jan Clark, Jim Kellner and Gary Pisarek.