Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (Dec. 18, 1959 Issue) The students at Del Oro High School were planning their first Christmas Ball. Furnishing the music for the semi-formal affair would be the Golden Hillman Dance Band, under the direction of Don Whitehead. Committee members were Lucille Yego, Pat Schweigert, David Black, Gary Hess, Gordon Takemoto, Wayne Takagishi and Carol Lemos. 25 YEARS AGO (Dec. 20, 1984 Issue) The new Town of Loomis had several names prior to May 1890 when it was named for James Oscar Loomis, a former postmaster and saloonkeeper. According to local historian Vivian Rasmussen, the Loomis Basin was the home hundreds of years ago for the Maidu Indians and later miners who came to the area seeking gold. Mrs. Rasmussen writes, “The coming of the Central Pacific Railroad had a great affect on the communities of Loomis, Penryn and Newcastle. Loomis was first known as Pine Grove, Placer, Smithville and Pino before May 1890 when it became Loomis. Due to the climate, soil and water availability, orchardists settled in the Loomis area and it soon became the second largest fruit center in Placer County. For many years the plums shipped from the Loomis packing houses were sought after throughout the United States and were considered the finest plums available.” As Mrs. Rasmussen completes one of her history articles, “As the years have gone by, this entire valley has become a favorite location for families to live away from the crowded cities. Here they may have small acreages in the county and enjoy the beauty and clear atmosphere of the area.” And now those residents within the new Town of Loomis may be assured that this type of lifestyle will continue. 10 YEARS AGO (Dec. 16, 1999 Issue) Memorial services were held for Edward John Netemeyer, Jr., 52. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was on the Loomis Planning Commission and a volunteer fireman in Loomis. Edward was past-president of the Society of Auditor-Appraisers. Outgoing Loomis Mayor Mike Boberg handed over the gavel to incoming Mayor Robert Hollis. Walt Scherer was Mayor Pro Tem. On hand for the event were members of the first Loomis Town Council, Anne Blue and Dick Harris. Other members of that 1984 Town Council were Paul Buckley, Richard Howard, and Roy Hebard, Jr. The Del Oro boys basketball team edged Enterprise 60-53 to win their own Invitational Tournament. The All-tourney team included Jared Joyner, Bob Corbett and Kyle Mowry. Loomis School “Falcons of the Week” in kindergarten were Cory Thorpe, Taylor Andrews, Lacie Green, Tanisha Ahlm, Evan Forsyth, Nicholas Lewis, Allie Walker, Kassie Hughey, Amber Lua and Ashley McCracken.