Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Mehl and Howard Stitt
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50 YEARS AGO (Nov. 6, 1959 Issue) Boy Scouts of Loomis Troop 12 were planning to hold a Court of Honor on Nov. 9 in the basement of the Congregational Church. Awards earned at Camp Pahatsi were to be presented. Loomis Cub Scouts of Pack 12 held their first pack meeting of the fall season at Loomis Memorial Hall, with a vary large crowd of parents and friends present. Bill Hill of the Tahoe Area Council of Boy Scouts of America conducted the meeting. Cos Sakamoto accepted the position of Cubmaster and would conduct the next regular pack meeting. Scout fathers making a trip to Camp Pahatsi to put in a supply of wood for the winter were Scoutmaster Jack Yokote, Ray stiff, Ralph Miller and George Osborn. 25 YEARS AGO (Nov. 8, 1984 Issue) Voters make it the “Town of Loomis.” Five named as first-ever town council members. Anne Blue led all council hopefuls with 780 votes, 11.6 percent. She was followed by D. Paul Buckley, 757 votes, 11.3 percent. Richard Howard Jr., 743 votes, 11.1 percent; Dick Harris, 734 votes, 10.9 percent; and Roy Hebard Jr., 726 votes, 10.8 percent. 10 YEARS AGO (Nov. 4, 1999 Issue) Paul’s Place Association recognized Diane Stilwell and The Pizza Factory for their community involvement. Diane and her husband Wayne provided countless volunteer hours for community events and to Del Oro High School. She helped with the LPGA Golf Tournament at Twelve Bridges Golf Club and the Joe Morgan Celebrity Golf Tournament in Granite Bay. She was a strong supporter of Paul’s Place Assoc. The Pizza Factory in Loomis opened its doors to civic and non-profit groups including the Loomis Lions Club. Sheriff Ed Bonner, PPA president, said, “Many groups and organizations in our hometown owe a great deal of gratitude to Eric and Maren Lombardi and The Pizza Factory. Their support has been crucial in helping Loomis gain its reputation as a good and giving community....” Vivian Rasmussen was honored on her 90th birthday by family and friends. The party was held at the Rasmussen Ranch. Vivian and her late husband, Markey, were longtime fruit ranchers in Loomis. Penryn Friends of the Library members Beth Flint-Montero and Mary Ann Meredith, along with Librarian Sandra Clark, prepared for the 13th Annual Old Fashioned Holiday Boutique. Barnum and Bailey, a pair of foals rescued from auctions in Canada, arrived at the home of Jack and Barbara Patison of Penryn. Their adoption was sponsored in part by United Animal Nations. The foals were two of thousands born to Premarin mares. Premarin (pregnant mares’ urine) was a menopausal drug made with estrogens extracted from urine of pregnant mares. The urine was collected while mares were forced to stand in stalls for up to six months out of every year with little or no exercise. The majority of foals were then fattened up and sent to the slaughterhouse. Dallas McCord and Rod Casteel prepared to play their guitars and sing during the opening of the Cowpoke’s 5th Annual Fall Gathering.