Looking Back

From the files of the Loomis News
By: Compiled Howard Stitt and Howard Mehl
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50 YEARS AGO (Sept. 11, 1959 Issue) David Barnes, son of Dr. and Mrs. P.D. Barnes of Loomis, had won the “Best of Show” award at the Empire Fair in Ukiah for a casein painting of a coastal scene. He also took a second place in graphic arts for a pen and ink sketch. The previous year he had taken art prizes in nearly every media at the Booneville Fair. David Barnes and his family lived in Mendocino and was an art instructor at Fort Bragg High School. 25 YEARS AGO (Sept. 13, 1984 Issue) William Sippola had lived on Auburn-Folsom Road his entire life. Following is one of his stories: One day we will have to leave the old homestead due to age or whatever. Progress will come on the tracks of the bulldozer. Gone will be the deer, the quail and the gray squirrel. Gone will be many of the bird species.. Gone will be any of the animal or plant life that cannot endure the disturbance of man’s greed. The next night I watched a doe come out from the south and all the way around to the north of our home to get a drink from the pond at sunset after a day that had seen a maximum temperature of 108 degrees. Several times this doe looked straight at me as I focused her image through the binoculars. I wanted to she knew I was no enemy. 10 YEARS AGO (Sept. 9, 1999) Sheryl Fullerton was active in the State Fair, which included showing her Dorset ram, “Top Hat.” Also showing animals at the fair was Kathy Dombrowski of Mini Acres Ranch in Loomis. Her Pinzgauer calf, “M.A. Holly,” was awarded Reserve Champion Calf. Homer Takahashi continued to write his column, “Fools Gold and Nuggets” for the Loomis News. In his latest article, he contrasts the careful treatment of our flag to killing the advocate of peace, the dove. School was back in session. Kelsey Reynoso and Alex Burlson were two of Jane Copes’ students checking out the book fair at Franklin School. Each first-grade class at Franklin made T-shirts, wrote stories, read books about bears, and had a Teddy Bear Picnic. The teachers were Kathryn Leupp, Susan Silveira, Carolyn Basque, Bonnie Frank and Robin Parmley. Placer County hosted forums on the potential problems with computers at the beginning of next year (Y2K). Jim Williams, Placer County Supervisor for the Loomis area, announced he would not seek re-election. In his opening statement, he said, “When I ran for Placer County Supervisor in 1996, I ran because as a lifelong county resident I welcomed the opportunity to be of service to a community that I truly love ... .” Councilman Miguel Ucovich wanted the Loomis residents to be aware of the Bickford Ranch subdivision. The 2000-unit development would add 5000 people to the Loomis Basin, he said. It was Miguel’s understanding that urban development was to occur in the cities and not in the rural lands.