Liss will 'balance expansion, business, and community needs'

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Change is not easy, but it is critical that citizens vote to change the ruinous pro-development direction Loomis is taking. Gary Liss must be elected to turn the tide of ever-increasing egregious decisions that incumbents have voted for. From failure to adopt an improved tree ordinance that was drafted by an expert consultant, failure to hear an important environmental appeal regarding a development decision, and failure to explore critical election code violations, to approvals of ill-conceived changes in fence and wall ordinances, as well as an attempt to dissolve the Parks and Open Space Commission, this current Town Council is taking Loomis away from its visionary path and values we have come to love. Gary Liss supports sustainable growth—not the rampant, disastrous sprawl that characterizes Rocklin (and Lincoln’s future). With his knowledge and experience, Gary Liss will balance expansion, business, and community needs rather than cater to unsound developer demands. By voting only for one candidate – only for Gary Liss – your vote will not be diluted, and Loomis will have a chance of getting back on track to preserve the dream. Marilyn Jasper Loomis