Letters to the editor

Liss means financial disaster

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Gary Liss’ financial plans for Loomis mean financial disaster. Liss’ passive park plans took $500,000 from the $2,000,000 town reserves.
Add $26,000 for the NEV study, an unknown amount for the tree study, and soon the Town will be broke.
Liss said the Town made $1.2 million on the Bickford Ranch lawsuit, but that was completed before he was on council. Since Liss was elected, the Town has spent thousands on lawsuits and gotten very little back. The traffic mitigation fee the Town could receive from the Penryn apartments project is a few thousand dollars, but we have spent over $7,000 in attorney and staff costs so far.
The roads in Loomis need repair, but no money is budgeted this year. We need $80,000 out of reserves to keep the traffic officer to reduce crime in Loomis. 
WalMart will affect Loomis businesses. Dave Wheeeler plans to make downtown Loomis a boutique center that to draw customers. Liss plans more festivals, which won’t bring new business.
For 12 years I saw Loomis financials improve each year. That isn’t true anymore because of some councilmembers’ spending policies.
We need people who understand government finances like Dave Wheeler does. Save Loomis, vote Wheeler.

Miguel Ucovich, Loomis