Liss knows Loomis

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Gary Liss has served Loomis as mayor and now as council member.  He knows Loomis and is forward-thinking.  I spoke as a doctor at the Oct. 9 open council meeting on the medical concerns of global warming as part of considering adoption of the Sustainability Strategic Energy initiative.  

Deniers had dominated a similar item on the council meeting in July.  On the video of that meeting two things were obvious to me:  1. The red-shirted opponents were almost all “foreigners” to Loomis and 2. their fearful comments were just silly -  [We won’t be able to drive our cars in Loomis.]  On Oct. 9,  a group of sustainability advocates, who were objective and rational, presented the facts.  This initiative is free to the Town of Loomis.  This advisory initiative is PG&E funded and proposes no local regulations.   At the meeting, the facts spoke for themselves and Mayor Sandra Calvert firmly guided the meeting to its lengthy conclusion.  Well done.

For this exemplary leadership on sustainability, Gary Liss ought to be reelected to the Loomis Council. 

Jon W Candy, Loomis