Liss has 'knowledge, dedication,' 'energy'

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As the Town of Loomis decides how we will allow our town to change in the coming years, it will be important to have elected officials who want to balance growth with preserving our unique, small town way of life and the vitality of our downtown businesses. A recent letter pointed out shortcomings of our current Town Council. Also worth noting: They've failed to enact any of the recommendations in the Open Space Committee's report submitted to them 2 years ago. They rejected an improved Tree Ordinance that was drafted by a professional consultant and reviewed and recommended by the Open Space Committee. They relaxed the Town's Fence & Wall Ordinance to allow solid walls and fences along Loomis' rural roads. They were slow to act against the large Rocklin developments on our border that threaten Loomis' commercial viability and will create traffic problems in our downtown area. The huge commercial projects being planned in the Horseshoe Bar, I-80, Raley’s area will forever change the complexion of Loomis, yet there's been little opportunity for advance public input on their make-up and design. Collectively, these missed opportunities are moving our town in a direction most residents don't want to go. It’s time for a change. I support Gary Liss for Town Council. Gary will provide new energy and work to preserve the unique character of Loomis and to keep our downtown pleasant and thriving. I served with Gary on the Town's Open Space Committee, and saw his knowledge, dedication and hard work. Roger Smith Loomis