Letter to the Editor

Term Limits - the will of the people or the legislature?
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At the Loomis Town Council special meeting February 4, 2011, the Council suggested the idea of dismissing Measure A since it was “flawed”. The majority of the public in attendance felt that dismissal of the Measure A would be unfair inasmuch as Measure A had already been voted upon during the November 2nd Election and passed by a majority. The Council voted at the February 4 meeting to hire an additional law firm, Olsen to present the pro and con arguments of Measure A to the State of California Attorney General’s Office. Councilman Scherer asked to have this filed by a third party counsel in order to have impartiality. The letter written by the law firm of Olsen, Hagel, and Fishburn did not present both sides of the argument as requested by Councilman Scherer. The question of precedence is the issue (i.e. which prevails, the initiative process or State of California election law). Will another opinion by the Attorney General’s Office be of any value to settle the issue? I feel that the real question concerns which rules, the will of the people or the will of the California State Legislature. Richard D. Kulhavy, Loomis