'Let the truth be known'

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Let the truth be known in regards to Gary Liss' recent mailer.  Gary Liss wasn’t on the council when the town received the $1.2 million  from developers and there weren’t any negotiations, it was either accept one million dollars plus $200,000 for the Del Oro stadium fund or go to court.

In negotiations with Rocklin on the many lawsuits filed against them, Loomis didn’t have any monetary gain, losing over $100,000 dollars on the lawsuits, which had no impact on the Rocklin projects.

He stated the town is spending 91 percent of its operating budget on our roadways.  If this is so, why are our roads in such poor condition?  Maybe the money is going into consultant’s pockets (example over $26,000 fee for NEV (electric golf carts) lanes.

All this is on record at town hall.

Why is Gary telling you to vote for only one?  Is he afraid of losing the election if you exercise your rights and vote for two?

I am voting for two, Dave Wheeler and Rhonda Morillas.

Tom Millward, Loomis