Let people raise their own food

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Re: Your article (Loomis News, April 15) on chickens in Loomis and the outrageous use permit of $1,083 to have 3 to 6 chickens in your backyard: There is no use permit for folks that have 2-plus acres. This amount is higher than a Placer County dog tag fee. If chickens are considered pets, which they are, then tell me "why" the huge use permit to have a few chickens in your backyard? Is Loomis getting greedy or what? Chickens make less noise than our neighbors' dogs. We all like to know where our food is coming from these days and should be able to raise what food we can without these huge fees. If you bought a dozen eggs a week at $2 a dozen for a year that's $104 a year. With this permit you could buy a lot more than just eggs. That's 10 weeks of groceries for our household. Loomis town council needs to rethink this one as clearly ridiculous. Release the fees and let people get back to raising their own food. Patricia Welker, Loomis