Lakeside LL in San Bernardino - day two

Manager Bill Rockefeller shares his impressions of the trip to Western Region
By: Special to The Press Tribune
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The Major division all-stars from Lakeside Little League left Wednesday for the Western Regional tournament in San Bernardino. While the players and coaches tackle the challenge of trying to earn a spot in the Little League World Series, the team’s manager, Bill Rockefeller, has consented to share his impressions of the experience with a daily log. Here is the second of those chronicles from the barracks at Al Houghton Stadium, where Lakeside won its first game Friday night and readies for Arizona Saturday afternoon. Check back for daily updates in addition to game stories and highlights here at From Bill Rockefeller, Lakeside manager Friday, Aug. 7: We let the boys sleep in a little from the late practice the night before. To their credit they are starting to get into a routine with life in the barracks if that is at all possible with a dozen 12-year-olds. The boys and I were able to watch the So Cal vs Utah game this afternoon. Utah was clearly overmatched. Pitching seems to be a problem for Utah and So Cal took full advantage of that. We had a little down time, and then hit in the cages from 3:30 to 5 p.m. We then dressed for the game and had opening ceremonies on the field with all the other teams. If you ask the kids that were anxious to play in the game following the ceremony, they would tell you the ceremonies were long. I think they did a great job recognizing all the states. Gametime! The boys seemed to be very calm. We started the game putting a zero up in the first half of the inning. We then gave up a homerun in the bottom half of the first off a Mitch Hart curveball. It never phased the boys. We put five runs up in the third and never looked back, ending the game 7-1 behind a four-hit complete game by Mitch Hart. Up and down the lineup everyone contributed. We then went straight to our barracks for some well-deserved rest to get ready for Arizona at 12:30 p.m. Thats all for now.