Lakeside LL in San Bernardino - day six

Manager Bill Rockefeller shares his impressions of the trip to Western Region
By: Special to The Press Tribune
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The Major division all-stars from Lakeside Little League have been in San Barnardino for a week now, participating in the Western Regional tournament. While the players and coaches tackle the challenge of trying to earn a spot in the Little League World Series, the team’s manager, Bill Rockefeller, has consented to share his impressions of the experience with a daily log. Here is No. 6 of those chronicles from the barracks at Al Houghton Stadium, where Lakeside won its first three games Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon. The team is off on Tuesday and faced Hawaii Wednesday at 12:30 p.m in its fourth and final pool-play game. Lakeside has a lock on a spot in the semifinal round Friday night, and will enter that contest as the No. 1 seed. Check back for daily updates in addition to game stories and highlights here at From Bill Rockefeller, Lakeside manager for Tuesday, Aug. 11: Today started out pretty good for me. Coach Keeney took the boys for the night and I snuck away around 10 p.m. and stayed at a Hampton Hotel to get a good night's sleep and a shower. After a live phone interview around 7 a.m. with channel 3, I returned to the barracks. I had practice scheduled at 10 a.m. When I arrived I noticed the boys tired and a little worn out, so I cancelled practice and took the whole team over to the Hilton where most of the parents were staying. We had a nice lunch there. Gary McCord then took the boys to a movie and we tried to forget about baseball for just a little while. The coaches had dinner while the boys had dinner with Gary. When they returned we took the boys back to the stadium to watch So Cal vs. Nevada. I noticed the two teams looked a little slugish. I think they were wearing out a little as well. We retired early with a game at 12:30 the next day. Note - there has been a bug running through the barracks. We have had two boys go down ill. We are trying to isolate the boys each time this happens. They are sent to the hotel with their parents until better.