Lakeside LL in San Bernardino - day seven

Manager Bill Rockefeller shares his impressions of the trip to Western Region
By: Special to The Press Tribune
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The Major division all-stars from Lakeside Little League have been in San Barnardino for a week now, participating in the Western Regional tournament. While the players and coaches tackle the challenge of trying to earn a spot in the Little League World Series, the team’s manager, Bill Rockefeller, has consented to share his impressions of the experience with a daily log. Here is No. 7 of those chronicles from the barracks at Al Houghton Stadium, where Lakeside completed a 4-0 run through pool play with a 5-3 win over Hawaii Wednesday. Lakeside has a lock on a spot in the semifinal round Friday night, and will enter that contest as the No. 1 seed to play the Arizona squad. Check back for daily updates in addition to game stories and highlights here at From Bill Rockefeller, Lakeside manager for Wednesday, Aug. 12: It was my night with the boys while Coach Keeney went to get a good night's rest at the hotel. The boys and I went to breakfast after a short interview with Good Day Sacramento. After breakfast we went back to the barracks and just relaxed before batting practice. When we completed BP we went to the cafeteria for an early lunch. We then returned to the barracks, dressed for the game, and on the field at 11:30 a.m. We played Hawaii. The boys looked a little sluggish in the game. We beat Hawaii 5-3, but the boys did not have their A game that day. There is an old saying "good teams find a way to win even when things are not going there way." That held true for this day. We are now working on rest and getting back in a good routine. The Ponzos from Granite Bay have been cooking for the boys when we can get to their trailer. So Jerry and his wife Traci had spaghetti night for the boys. It was wonderful. The boys then went back to the stadium and watched Arizona and Nevada duke it out What a game! REST REST REST after the game was complete. Thats all for now. See ya tommorrow.