Kohl's trumps trees in Rocklin

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I'm sure many of us have noticed the appalling clear cut of over 300 trees on Granite Dr. You can't drive down I-80 without seeing the devastation. Rocklin allowed this in order to provide a desperately-needed public facility - yet another Kohl's store to augment the one 5 minutes away. Our leaders allowed this even though the city's general plan, tree ordinance, and urban forest plan all say that trees are valued for their many benefits, and that parking lots are to be designed to save as many trees as possible. On paper the city says it values the shade, heat mitigation, property value increase, and nesting value of trees. When push comes to shove, developer money puts those community values in the trashcan. Please let our city know that we want to be known for more than a slew of ugly big box stores. That we truly value the green infrastructure that trees provide, and that we pay more than lip service to our commitment to Sacramento Tree Foundation's Greenprint Initiative. And that we are watching. Kristy Lewis, Rocklin