This is just wrong

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Out-of-town developers have been approved to build 150 apartments on just 15 acres in our quiet, rural berg of Penryn. Urban sprawl has caught up with those of us who moved out here to escape it. This project is called the Orchard at Penryn – developers always seem to name a project after what they have just annihilated. It violates density rules in the general plan, which guides land use decisions. The beautiful oaks will be clear-cut from the land and the topography will be bulldozed level. With 300 plus vehicles pouring out onto Penryn and Taylor roads, traffic will be a problem especially adding the slow moving horse trailers from the new equine hospital. I guess the next “improvement” will be traffic lights, added lanes and sidewalks. This project is just wrong for Penryn. Please join us in attending the Board of Supervisors Appeal Hearing on Sept. 25, at 9 a.m., at 175 Fulweiller Ave., in Auburn. The meeting time may be subject to change. Ann Henderickson-Pantos, Penryn