Insurance CEOs rewarded while clients are dropped

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Did you know that giant health insurer Aetna, Inc. paid its CEO $24.3 million in 2008. The Cigna CEO got $12.2M, Wellpoint CEO $9.8 million, Coventry CEO $9 million, Humana CEO $4.8 million, HealthNet CEO $4.4 million, and United Health (including AARP) $3.2M. If they had been paid only $1 million per year, premiums could have been significantly reduced. Not only would that have helped those of us with insurance, but it would have enabled some of the 45,000 uninsured people who die each year to actually buy health insurance. From what I have read, these healthcare giants also continue to drop sick clients in an effort to meet profit goals. Profits are normally a wonderful thing, but it just feels inappropriate when it comes to life and death. Trish Grenfell, Auburn