Incumbent candidates best for town needs

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People living in Loomis love the rural lifestyle. The vast majority of us are neither “pro-growth” nor “no-growth.” We are people who understand that growth should be at a measured pace that support town needs and must include public input and open communication. My views regarding the points that Scherer cites in his letter of Oct. 8, 2008: The Building Industry Association supported efforts of Mr. Williams to distribute information regarding his candidate choices in the election of 2006. As reported in the past and validated by the FPPC, no candidate had prior knowledge or was a participant in his efforts. Since my election in 2006 no gated communities or sound walls have been approved. There have been two committees formed since 1998 dealing with open space. Each resulted in a plan too expensive to implement and maintain. In order to move in a positive direction and include public input, the council created a Parks & Open Space Commission with each council member appointing a member to represent the council and the community. There was never an attempt to dismantle the commission. It is agreed that Mr. Liss is passionate about open space and being green. It is my belief, however, that he is rigidly unwilling to consider the effects of his passion within the scope of the many other issues facing the Town of Loomis. It would appear that Scherer and Ucovich share these same ideals. In my view, Mr. Millward and Ms. Morillas offer a much wider perspective regarding current and future needs of the community. Russ Kelley Loomis