Illegal pot grow found in Loomis

Man was guarding marijuana when masked men with gun tried to raid
By: Joyia Emard, Gold Country News Service
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A man guarding his 100 marijuana plants grown in Loomis could face criminal charges after calling law enforcement when masked men tried to raid his outdoor grow, according to authorities. The man called the Placer County Sheriff’s Office at 4:53 a.m. Wednesday after two to three masked men with a gun raided his outdoor grow of 100 plants he was guarding at a residence located on the 9100 block of King Road, according to Dena Erwin, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman. As the man went to alert a roommate to the raid, the men left in their vehicle. The men did not take the marijuana, but reportedly fired two rounds toward the house as they left, Erwin said. There were no reported injuries. The case remains under investigation, but the owner of the plants faces potential criminal charges for illegally growing 100 marijuana plants that were 5 to 6 feet tall. The plants were uprooted and removed Wednesday afternoon. The home, at 9110 King Road on the corner of Sudor Lane, was a flurry of activity Wednesday with undercover sheriff’s officers, investigators and news media present. Up to three young men left the home with sweatshirts and jackets covering their heads and left the scene in a vehicle around noon. The top of a large, clear plastic covered green house was viewable from the street. Becky Huls, who lives near the site, said, “I’m shocked. I drive by here all the time and there’s never anyone here. There was a ‘For Rent’ sign up and I was thinking of having my daughter move in here.” Fuzzy Jarnigan, who lives down the street from the home, said, “I’m not surprised. As soon as they moved in they built a green house and put bamboo screen up all around it.”