Homewood moves to new location

By: Jon Brines Loomis News Correspondent
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With the housing sector in the cross hairs of the Great Recession, family-owned Homewood Lumber and Building Supply has weathered the decline and moved into their new location. "Many ingredients go into running a business – performing, succeeding, changing with the times and having good policies and people who understanding the market," Homewood President Hamid Noorani said. Hamid Noorani said he started the business with two employees in 1990. Today he has 65 employees spread across two locations, that he runs with his son Adam. In June, they relocated the building supply business from Rippey Road, to a new $6-million, 5.5-acre site on the corner of Sierra College Boulevard and Brace Road. "Loomis is a great community to live, but its one I grew up in and the one I have a connection to," Adam Noorani, Homewood vice president and general manager said. Hamid Noorani said without support from the town government and many community members, the relocation may not have happened. Currently, they employee 40 people at their Loomis location, and an additional 25 people at a truss fabrication facility in Marysville. Hamid Noorani said it hasn't been easy. "In busier times in the heyday of construction, we were up to 150 employees," he said. Homewood truss designer Julian Ortega said he's grateful for the position he won right after his previous employer folded under the economic pressure. "I think (Hamid Noorani) has great business savvy to do what he's doing in today's market. There are a lot of people who have thrown in the towel and their not sticking with it," Ortega said. "He's stayed in and he has a lot of different products to sell." Billed as America's newest lumberyard and building center, the fully stocked construction and hardware supply facility in Loomis also can provide custom truss design and fabrication. "You can complain about the economy or you can step forward," said Corey Magleby, Homewood marketing and technical manager. "A lot the new stuff we're doing here helps a bunch." Homewood's showroom features exposed beams to show customers how their building fits together. "Today more and more lumber is made in the composite form," Hamid Noorani said. Hamid Noorani has an industrial engineering degree from University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters Degree from California State University, San Jose and ensures his company offers the latest and greatest technology. "There is engineering in making those composites," Hamid Noorani said. "It has its environmental benefits and makes strong products that saves us from cutting down trees." Hamid said when he was an aerospace student in Pakistan, he came to the United States and fell in love with the country. "I found opportunities and how can you not in this country," Hamid Noorani said. Today, he has three children and four great grandchildren. Even as Loomis' top sales tax producer, Homewood Lumber gives back to the community by supporting Loomis schools, the South Placer Heritage Foundation and Habitat for Humanity. Loomis Town Manager Perry Beck said, "They are an integral part of the Town and we wish them the best in their new location as they continue to provide quality materials to the local construction trades.” Adam Noorani said his father has been a good example for him. "I learned on the job under him," he said. "You do take a little more pride and feel a little more responsibility to your community when you live in Loomis. It's not always about making money, it’s about being a good supporter and getting involved."