Hites has a way of inspiring

Sports Corner
By: Joshua Ansley
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When I first joined the Del Oro youth basketball league in third grade, coach Joe Hites seemed almost beyond human. At the end of a clinic, with 50 wide-eyed kids watching, and 50 more parents waiting, Hites would tell a story about his childhood dream of not being able to use his right hand before a championship game. As the story goes, he awakened the next morning determined to be as effective with his left just in case. Just as soon as you began to wonder what was fact or fiction, he would step back beyond the three-point line and swish two shots in a row, first with his right, then with his left. As time passed, he became more human in my eyes. Listening to him talk about his family is inspiring. He said during his time at Del Oro there were days where he put in 12 hours, but he never extended that to 13 hours by carrying his work home. Family has always come first for him. ••• Rumors have surfaced about flyers being strewn about Del Oro High last week, which asked students to vote over who would be the starting quarterback Friday night. Whether there is any validity to the rumor remains to be seen. The fact of the matter is that both quarterbacks played better Friday night than they had in weeks. It was an excellent response by senior Max Magleby and junior Bobby Heatherington as their play and words nixed any existing rumors about dissension within the team. “We’re good friends,” Heatherington said Friday night following the win over Oakmont. “For Bobby to come up and for him to do good, really made me work harder,” Magleby added. “I kind of took advantage of it, thinking, ‘Hey, I’m a senior I’m not going to lose my spot.’ But Bobby’s an incredible quarterback. He pushed me so hard during practice. It was good. I need the competition.”