Letters to the editor

He's worked hard for Loomis

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Please vote for Gary Liss for Town Council. He has worked hard for: 1) keeping Loomis rural, 2) helping our businesses, residents, and Town deal with the slow economy, 3) making long-term plans for Loomis’ future. He’s gotten so much done in his four years on Council. (Thank you for the bike paths, new signs, trash bill discount, and making tough decisions to protect Loomis’ interests while also improving relations with our neighbors.) He’s extremely dedicated, hardworking, and smart enough to deal with complicated Town issues and economics. I know that issues are not as black-and-white or simple as some critics have tried to make them seem in distorted (and disappointing) negative campaign sound bites. Gary has made good strategic decisions for the benefit of Loomis. Please vote for the right person, not negative campaign lines or development interests. When two seats are open, a second vote is a vote against your candidate, so please vote only once for Gary Liss.

Kim Fettke, Loomis