Heritage Park not right site

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The Friends of Heritage Park mean well. They want a downtown park that will be a benefit to the people of Loomis. The problem is that the Heritage Park site will not be that. The site is isolated. One side is the freeway berm, the other side is behind houses. It has seven acres of dirt and blackberries. It has about 30 trees on the whole 10 acres. This will not be a focal point for the town of Loomis. The Friends paint a rosie picture of this site, but it is not true and never will be. A passive park needs to have some scenic quality or natural feature to preserve. This site has none of this. There are many other sites in Loomis that would be better for a tree preserve. I am retired as a recreation superintendent with the City of Roseville. As a park professional, it is my opinion that this site is not what the community of Loomis should spend half a million dollars on. Come to the workshop from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Train Depot and express your opinion. For additional information call 652-1840. Miguel Ucovich, Loomis