Hen ordinance is poorly timed

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Hen ordinance poorly timed The recent parade of biased information provided to each municipal advisory council was an attempt to bamboozle the members into blindly voting in favor of allowing hens in single-family and multi-family neighborhoods. It was the most stunning escapade in political back-scratching I’ve witnessed in a long time. The lopsided presentation and request for a vote is an insult to the conscientious men and woman who volunteer their time to serve on a council. For example, planning staff argued that aviaries currently allowed in single-family residential zones and their hen proposal is similar. Not so, aviaries are structures that house birds. Their hen ordinance doesn’t require a structure. Planning argued it’s not their authority to specify animal enclosures. Not so, their code is specific for aviaries complete with diagrams. With an estimated $23.6 million county deficit, further reductions in state contributions, anticipated staff cutbacks, current cutbacks in county services and response time, is now the time to heap additional enforcement requirements on code enforcement and animal control? I don’t think so. Is now the time to spend tax dollars on environmental studies for an ill-conceived, poorly researched and influenced proposal? Absolutely not. This thing needs to get kyboshed. Diana Powell, Colfax