Growers' feats are appreciated

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I was ecstatic to see a feature (Loomis News, July 15) on the “Placer County Real Food” cookbook and its authors. It’s a great cookbook with delicious recipes created with care and delight from the wide variety of foods grown in the county — food I am certain many local residents don’t realize is available. The cookbook Joanne Neft and Laura Kenny created is a testament to the farmers and ranchers who work hard to sustain us. These folks know what they’re doing. They know how to grow food that’s so good, it will make you believe you’ve stepped through a portal to Paradise. This is no mean feat. It’s the stuff of greatness, and these farmers and ranchers reproduce such feats each day, through toil and know-ledge, skill and sacrifice. They are craftspeople of the highest calibre. They are passionate about their livelihoods and their landscapes. They are to be commended, supported, and — above all — thanked. I take this opportunity to say thank you, Placer County farmers and ranchers. Thank you, Placer County vintners and orchardists. Thank you to all who support agriculture here and all who continue to help it thrive. Trina Filan, Loomis