Grand marshal thanks community

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I want to thank Del Oro High School for the honor of being elected grand marshal of the 2012 Homecoming Parade. Riding down Taylor Road in a vintage convertible was a hoot. How many places are left in America that can boast a Homecoming Parade like ours? While it was a personal milestone, it was also symbolic of the greater effort behind the fundraising for the new Del Oro Aquatic Center. I want to thank my husband Rex for his generous and brilliant idea of the “Million Dollar Match,” and my kids, Thor and Electra, for helping out every step of the way. I also want to thank our energetic Junior Council, the pool committee, and everyone who has stepped up to help with fundraisers, sell pumpkins, or count pennies for the pool. We are all working together to realize a dream for our children and our community, keeping a 43 year-old tradition of aquatic competition, safety and fun alive. With everyone’s continued support, the new Del Oro Aquatic Center will be the pride of Loomis. Jump In! Grace Kamphefner Chairperson, Friends of the Del Oro Pool