Got junk? Then get rid of it at an annual fall clean-up

Town of Loomis residents can dump refuse, debris and e-waste
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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Town of Loomis residents can clean up their act during the annual fall clean-up day. But be warned, you must live within the town limits to participate. Residents with proper identification can haul in refuse, debris and electronic waste at no charge from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 23, at the pool parking lot at Del Oro High School on Taylor Road. Bob Sanford, Loomis public works maintenance lead, will be checking identification on clean-up day and will turn away those who don’t live in the town limits. He said he rejects approximately 20 people every time the town holds a clean-up day. He said most nonresidents are understanding about it, but some get angry. From the town’s standpoint, where you live makes a big difference. According to Crickett Strock, town clerk, the Town of Loomis contracts with Recology Auburn Placer, formerly Auburn Placer Disposal, for trash pickup and street sweeping. She said the Fall Clean-up Day is paid for by Recology. John Rowe, Recology general manager, said the company hauls away approximately 80 to 100 tons of debris each fall from the town clean up. The cost to Recology is about $8,000 to $9,000. “We conduct the annual clean-up as part of our service. We are able to recycle 60 to 70 percent of the material that is dropped off,” Rowe said. Rowe said county residents are not left out of the free clean-up days. “County residents receive a free dump pass each year in the mail that can be used during a six-week period at our facility in Auburn,” Rowe said. How do you know if you are a Town of Loomis resident or if you just have a Loomis mailing address and actually live in unincorporated Placer County? The easiest way is to call town hall and ask. But for those who would rather try and puzzle it out for themselves, here are some clues. The election ballots of registered voters living in the town limits include Loomis town council, town clerk and town treasurer candidates. Another sign of residency is to note where you go to apply for building permits and business licenses. Loomis residents go to Loomis town hall; whereas, unincorporated Loomis residents go to the Placer County offices in Auburn. Recology trash bills to town residents are cheaper than those of county residents. For a typical toter, town residents pay $72.09 quarterly. Residents in unincorporated Placer County pay $87.24 for the same service. Rowe said trash collection costs more for county residents because smaller trucks are used and the drivers are only able to make half as many calls per day because of the distance between homes. On clean-up day, if they make it past Sanford, residents will choose from an array of dumpsters for dropping off various categories of debris, including wood, rock and concrete, electronics and metal. There are a number of items that will not be accepted: large appliances, chemicals, pesticides, waste oil, car batteries, air conditioners, paint, hazardous waste and full aerosol cans. No more than five tires will be accepted. Small trailers will be allowed, but not large trailers. Also, be prepared to unload your own trash and place it in dumpsters. A backhoe will be available to lift heavy items. TOWN CLEAN-UP DAY What: Free refuse, debris and e-waste drop-off Who: Town of Loomis residents ONLY, must show identification When: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 23 Where: Pool parking lot at Del Oro High School, on Taylor Road Cost: Free Information: Town hall, 652-1840 DO YOU LIVE IN LOOMIS? Registered voter: Does your ballot include town council candidates? Building permit: Applied for at the county office in Auburn or town hall? Business license: Through the county or town? Road maintenance: Conducted by county or town? Trash fee, quarterly, one toter: Town - $72.09; Placer County - $87.24 Town of Loomis boundary addresses: 3255 to 3930 Sierra College Boulevard; 3173 to 4018 Taylor Road; 5825 to 6990 Horseshoe Bar Road; 4548 to 6505 King Road; 3085 to 3499 Humphrey Road; 5251 to 6569 Brace Road; 4010 to 6455 Barton Road; 6300 to 6991 Wells Avenue; 3524 to 4808 Laird Road; 3341 to 3356 Swetzer Court; 3108 to 3485 Swetzer Road; 4115 to 4435 Dias Lane; 3261 to 3995 Del Mar Avenue; and 3131 to 3370 Rippey Road. For all others, call town hall.