Glossy report wastes county's education dollars

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Take a look at the annual report of the Placer County Office of Education (I got mine at the Library) and you will have the impression there is no budget crisis for education in Placer County. It is not the content of the report but the extravagance and costliness of the publication that leaves the reader livid, in disbelief that the superintendent and the board are living in the same real world as the rest of us, or guessing that some contractor sold education on the most expensive way to produce an annual report. This is the second year the superintendent and the board has produced a glossy costly publication that puts a 24 carrot gold book cover on a what we taxpayers have been told is a economic crisis in our schools. How can we teach kids how to recycle but not walk the talk by using recycle in publishing annual reports? If I were scoring it for the Placer County Office of Education – credibility score zero; ego score 10. Jim Bennett, Auburn