Get facts; don't believe rumors

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The campaign ad for realtor Vic Markey is just loaded with whoppers. There is no proposal or desire to double development fees. In fact, with reduced property values and construction costs, those fees would probably be lowered, not raised. Any change in fees requires a process to show a need for the change. It doesn't happen on a whim. Vic knows the tree ordinance proposal he refers to was soundly rejected as too technical and punitive. We're actually in the process of trying to make the ordinance more homeowner-friendly, not less. There will be an educational component to help people choose and care for trees so fewer removal permits are needed in the future. Farmers will not be required to submit an EIR. This was never considered. It was mentioned in a staff report as one way to prevent a future Montserrat mess, but was immediately discarded. The proposal under consideration would only affect subdivisions with 5 or more lots that have agricultural easements, and wouldn’t require costly reports at all. Please come to our meetings, talk to town staff, or listen to meeting recordings. The facts are there for those who want the truth rather than wild rumors. Janet Thew, Loomis