Geraldine Nall is 'Queen of Miniatures'

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Geraldine Nall, who has earned the title “Queen of Miniatures,” was the featured artist at the Loomis Quilt and Fiber Guild’s quilt show, held April 2 and 3 at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed. The quilt guild meets at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month at Loomis Veterans Memorial Hall. Nall first began sewing in high school and took her first quilting class in 1999 when she retired. Her first quilt was hand sewn and hand quilted. Her teacher at that time brought in some miniature quilts and she fell in love with them. When Nall showed so much interest in them, her teacher told her she had to wait until she finished learning the basics, and then she would teach her how to make a miniature. Unfortunately, before she got a chance to learn the miniatures, Nall moved. Then one day, Nall was looking through a miniature quilt magazine and saw a rail fence pattern, and off she went making miniatures. The only class she has taken was one from Sally Collins. Everything else has been self taught. “What I have learned is that the smaller the pieces, the bigger the challenge, the more I just love it,” Nall said. Her latest quilt is 23 inches square, and is composed of 140 blocks, with 6,300 pieces. Geraldine has been married for 47 years to her husband Mike, and they have two boys and one girl.