Gardeners bring home the colors of the season

By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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You don’t have to go to New England to enjoy fall color – autumn in Loomis can be quite spec-tacular, too. A palette of fiery oranges, brilliant yellows and smoldering reds adorn local nursery trees and plants, inviting admirers to cart them home. A visit to the Flower Farm Nursery, on the corner of Horseshoe Bar and Auburn Folsom Roads, turns up many choices for fall color. According to co-owner Sheri Fischer, now is the best time to plant showy plants for next year. Shopping while the plants are still in leaf, Fischer said, al-lows buyers to see exactly what they’ll get. Lynn Richard, a Flower Farm staff member, explained why planting in November will give gar-deners a leg up. “We’re a ways away from hard freezes. The shorter daylight helps plants establish a good root system,” Richard said. Richard advises gardeners to fertilize now for spring buds and blooms, but only use a fertilizer without nitrogen, a 0-10-10 formula, so as not to encourage leaf growth. Tom Baker, owner of Bakers Nursery on Taylor Road, said he just received several flats of win-ter vegetables and flowers, including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, salad mix, and two types of onions. He said they also carry a colorful variety of pansies and violas for fall, winter and spring blooming. Japanese maples by the hundreds are setting High-Hand Nursery on Taylor Road aglow. “We have 20 different varieties in quart to 90-gallon sizes,” said Lyn Bristol, High-Hand Nursery manager. Bristol explained that cold nights and decreasing daylight signal the maples that it’s time for Mother Nature’s colorful show. Come in, stroll around and enjoy the multi-hued leaves before they’re gone, Bristol advised.