French exchange students need host families

By: Staff Report
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Families are needed to host high-school students from France for three weeks this summer. One group comes for three weeks in July and another group for three weeks in August.

Kimberly Karver, a French and English teacher at Whitney High School, joined the American Discovery team last year. She helped find host families for 40 French teens, ranging in age from 13 to 17 years of age. The students - host students and exchange students - take many local trips to places such as San Francisco, Six Flags and Sunplash.

"I think hosting a foreign exchange student is a wonderful experience. Families benefit from the experience of hosting because they have the chance to get a new perspective on their own culture and beliefs by seeing them through the eyes of an outsider," said Karver.

The French students have been studying English since kindergarten. Exchange students are fully insured and have their own spending money.  Host families only need to provide the students with food, lodging, and some transportation during their stay. The students are coming to California to experience life as a teen. They are also seeking and opportunity to practice their English skills.

For more information, email Kimberly at or call 247-4502. For more information about American Discovery, go to