False claim on tree fee

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Mailer lacks truth

Dave Wheeler's allegation about Liss imposing tree removal fees on a “religious charity” are just plain false. The Town’s tree ordinance is very clear about requiring and calculating fees for tree removal, and was in effect long before Liss came into office. All developments over the years have been subject to this ordinance. Would Mr. Wheeler suggest bending the rules and exempting or giving special treatment to a particular development? And by the way, the “religious charity” (Catholic church) development at issue will never pay any future property taxes to Loomis on 40 acres of prime land in our town - after cutting down over 200 of our beautiful, mature oak trees.

I’ll stay with the ‘high road’ candidate and vote for Gary Liss. He’s proven his dedication to upholding our General Plan and Town ordinances, and preserving the Loomis character we love.

Roger Smith, Loomis