Encourages votes for Millward, Morillas

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I am writing to encourage you to vote for Tom Millward and Rhonda Morillas. I have known both for a long time. We need a balanced council. Without these two people, any balance that currently exists will be lost. In order to find a middle ground between no growth and smart growth, we need to not allow our city council to be dominated by people who have never listened to both sides of any issue. Tom and Rhonda actually list to all sides. I do support growth as it is allowed by the General Plan. Our tax base is not very large and it takes money to sustain this town. Tom and Rhonda do not want this town to be paved over as our neighbors have done. We have been able to retain the small-town flavor. It can continue to do that with very careful, smart planning. Ask yourselves if you want a one-sided council and planning commission. It has to remain balanced. Without Tom and Rhonda, we will not be able to maintain this town. I truly believe this. I have lived here for 35 years and have chosen to stay here inspite of whatever growth has occurred around my home. There is no place like Loomis and I do not want us to lose the quality we now enjoy. Please, cast your votes for Tom Millward and Rhonda Morillas because they, together, represent balance. Salli A. McNeill Loomis