Elementary school graduates ready for high school

Loomis area schools promote 305 students
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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Eighth-graders from six local elementary schools have been graduated and are now the Del Oro High School Class of 2014. “They’ll make Del Oro a better place, they’re a fun, cohesive group,” said Rick Judd, Loomis Grammar School principal. The 305 students from Placer, Franklin, H. Clarke Powers, Penryn and Ophir Elementary schools and Loomis Grammar celebrated their promotions June 9 on the football field at Del Oro. During graduation ceremonies, each school had an honor speaker who addressed the graduates and audience. The students each had a 4.0 grade point average. Honor speakers were Robyn Gillum, Placer; Maicy Schwartz, Loomis; Sarah Telleson, Ophir; Erik Stevens, H. Clarke Powers; Brandon Johnson, Penryn; and Jared Guardino, Franklin. Jared’s speech was inspired by a visit to a fast-food hamburger restaurant. He told his fellow students, “We all know the usual single burger and fries will be crammed down our throats, but let’s make the choices we will grow from.” Jared concluded, “Don’t take the drive-thru. Let’s go inside and take in as much as high school offers us” and “Let’s all try new things.” Maicy spoke of transferring to Loomis School and how people spoke about “D.O.” She believed D.O. were the initials of a powerful person in town, not what locals called the high school. Paul Johnson, superintendent of the Loomis Union School District, called the graduates “an exceptional group,” and Powers principal Glenn Lockwood said, “They won’t get lost at Del Oro.” Carolyn Cowles, Placer School principal, organized the graduation event and said, “These kids were very cooperative and supportive of each other. They’re a happy, pleasant group.” Each of the principals had positive comments to share about the students they’re sending off to the world of high school. Lockwood said his graduating students are a “confident group – they believe in themselves.” Andy Withers, Penryn principal, called his graduates “talented trail blazers.” He said they are leaders on campus both athletically and academically, but he felt their most important quality is that “they treat others with respect.” “They’re an amazing group of students,” Withers said. Franklin principal Shawn Shaw said his eighth-graders have “poise and polish.” “Franklin is such an enchanted sort of place, it is such an anomaly. You see in the kids the amount of time and effort the parents put into them,” Shaw said. Judd said he will miss his students’ sense of humor and spirit and said, “They ere a fun group to be around.” “They loved being the spirit of the school. They weren’t afraid to dress up or participate. They set the tone for the whole school,” Judd added. According to Cowles, her students were one of the “happiest” classes she’s seen. “They’re a ‘glass half-full’ group. They had one of the most positive attitudes and a great sense of humor. They were very encouraging of each other and really bonded with their teachers,” Cowles said. Ophir School principal Mary Zaun called her eighth-graders “very thoughtful and creative in both problem solving and the arts.” “They have a clear understanding their future opportunities lie in being well educated. I’ll remember them for their great play performances, clear communication and the positive way they treated each other,” Zaun said.