Election is between Liss and Wheeler

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The recent Town Council Candidate Forum at the Blue Goose was interesting as well as telling. Rhonda Morillas, a seemingly sweet person, didn't have a whole lot to say knowing that she's a shoe-in for one of the two council positions. She did, however, make a strong point to remind attendees that we should all vote for two of the three candidates, which is vital for Ms. Morillas to succeed in acquiring a mutual vote from the like-minded Fire Chief Dave Wheeler. However, the true election is between Wheeler and current council member Gary Liss. It was my observation that Wheeler was seemingly smug and condescending when rebutting Councilperson Liss. He tried over and over to paint Liss into a corner. Liss was the contrary. He spoke of nothing else but giving back to the community and keeping it a friendly, profitable, rural town. Gary Liss is a sharp, hardworking and capable councilperson who loves this town. He deserves another term to the council. Larry DuBois, Loomis