Eagles’ nest a beautiful setting for Friday night lights

By: Dave Krizman Journal Sports Columnist
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Editor’s Note: This is the second in a four-part series profiling four football stadiums in the foothills. Del Oro High is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The acronym FLY (Fifty Legendary Years) has become the theme by which the Golden Eagles will celebrate their anniversary. Part of the celebration focuses on the newly remodeled football stadium. Now in its second year after a major remodel, the stadium is a source of pride for Del Oro and the Loomis community. Parking: Parking, for the most part, is excellent. There is a large parking lot on the south side of the stadium. There is also ample parking up near the actual campus. However, because Del Oro football has been so successful over the years, the games are well attended, making parking sometimes challenging. Seating: The home side seating is excellent. The seats stretch from one end zone to the other, a rarity at most stadiums. Students tend to sit at the northern part of the stands. Reserved ticket holders sit in the middle, and parents and fans sit at the southern end of the seats. The visitor’s side stands are very poor. This is somewhat surprising. With consistently large crowds at home games, one would think that more stands would be added. Concessions: The concession stand and eating court behind the home stands may be the finest in the entire Sacramento area. Besides the usual burger, hot dogs, and nachos, tri-tip sandwiches are served. Loomis fast food chains also sell their food at the games, contributing much of the proceeds to the school. The food court is a wonderful place to sit down and eat. Tables are available, so one can grab some food and eat in a comfortable environment. There is also a smaller concession stand on the visitor’s side. A concession stand on each side helps to keep the lines shorter at halftime. Restrooms: There are no restrooms on the visitor’s side. This makes for a long march to the restrooms located behind the home stands. One has to walk around the field, up a long stretch of steep stairs to wait in line. Once inside, the restrooms are awful. This is one of the few downsides to an otherwise excellent stadium. Stadium lighting: Excellent. Uniqueness: This stadium sparkles. The bright lights seem to glisten off the newly installed field turf. Combine the bright stadium lights, the glistening field turf with the state-of-the-art scoreboard, and Del Oro has a stadium that glows with energy. The scoreboard includes a mini ‘jumbo-tron.’ The price of admission would be worth just watching the Golden Eagles Marching Band. Their halftime performances are superb, but their homecoming performance is over-the-top! For band enthusiasts, this is a must see.