DuPriests are first family of Del Oro Band Spectacular

Golden Eagle 31st annual extravaganza is Saturday
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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The family that plays together stays together and the DuPriests of Penryn exemplify that adage. The DuPriests are the “first family” of band at Del Oro High School - the family patriarch is the founding father of the annual Band Spectacular. A third generation of DuPriests now performs in the marching band. Three of the DuPriest grandsons – freshman Blake, 14, junior Kyle, 16, and senior Taylor, 17 – are all members of Del Oro’s marching band. This band of percussionist brothers plays the snare drums. Kyle is the drum line section leader and his brothers credit him as the best percussionist of the three. The boys’ cousins Josh and James Bowman, both juniors, currently perform in the band and freshman Kodee Journey, another cousin, is a color guard member. Their sister Robyn, who graduated in 2008, was in the color guard and their cousin Tony Narducci, who graduated last year, also played in the band. The family legacy will continue next year when the boys’ little sister, Jessica, 13, arrives as a freshman and joins color guard. Both of the DuPriest boys’ parents are instructors for the band. Mom, Terri, instructs the color guard and dad, Rob, instructs the drum line. The DuPriest band dynasty began 31 years ago when Ron Jones was band director. Jones said that in 1979, one of the band booster parents, John DuPriest, wanted to organize a band competition. DuPriest, the clan’s patriarch, had played trumpet in his high school marching band and his wife, Joyce, had played tuba. Jones said DuPriest organized Band Spectacular and it grew over the years. He said the event’s success “has been directly the result of the support the community and parents have given it. Loomis has just been awesome.” This year, the band competition will bring 26 different bands, with over 1,000 performers, to Loomis for a day of marching, music and performing. The parade competition in the streets of Loomis is a local favorite. DuPriest said he ran Band Spectacular for 10 years while his own children – Laura, Linda, John and Rob – performed in the marching band, on the flag team and in the concert band. Young Taylor DuPriest said one of the best things about being a band of brothers is that “we understand each other better, each of us has his own personality traits.” Taylor said he thinks it’s “pretty cool” having his dad as his instructor. He describes his dad as “kind of tough, he’s harder on us.” Kyle said he likes playing music with his family. He said because he’s in a leadership position he has to be careful that he neither favors nor picks on his brothers. Kyle also said he likes mentoring his younger brother Blake and is helping him navigate his way through high school. According to Kyle, being good on the drum line requires intense focus. He said it is 70 percent mental and 30 percent physical. “You have to develop the ability to concentrate. You have to adapt to the person next to you,” he said. Blake, the youngest, said he doesn’t mind getting instruction from his older brothers. “I understand I’m not as good as them. I’d like to be someday,” Blake said. “I respect them a lot. They know their stuff.” Del Oro Golden Eagle 31st Annual Band Spectacular Saturday, Oct. 17 11 a.m. Parade in downtown Loomis, free 1:30 p.m. Parade awards 4:45 p.m. Field show, Star Spangled Banner performed by Loomis Union School District band 9 p.m. Field show awards Field Show Tickets: $10 for adults, $5 for students under 18 with ID, free for kids five and under Information: (916) 652-7243, ext. 1552