Don't violate sign laws

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What I would like to know is why we have sign ordinances? We make our businesses spend hundreds of dollars to adhere to these ordinances, yet our local elite politicians, feel that it doesn’t apply to them. I would suggest them looking up their own ordinances starting with: Title 13 Div. 3, Chapter 13.38.10 Signs. The regulations established by this chapter are intended to appropriately limit the placement, type, size, and number of signs allowed within the town, and to require the proper maintenance of signs. The purposes of these limitations and requirements are to: A. Avoid traffic safety hazards to motorists and pedestrians caused by visual distractions and obstructions; B. Promote the aesthetic and environmental values of the community by providing for signs that do not impair the attractiveness of the town as a place to live, work, and shop; These hand-scrawled signs and the rotating white van that looks more abandoned, than an effective billboard campaign sign, appear to have been produced from a kindergarten class. So much for keeping Loomis rural! Fuzzy Jarnagin, Loomis