Don’t sell us out

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The 150 apartments on Penryn Road would drastically change our community and not in a positive way. It would be a big blight in an area of beautiful homes set on large parcels. The traffic added would be unbearable, with constant traffic moving in and out of that location, not to mention the added burden to Taylor Road. Anyone done a study on what this does to our local wildlife? I don’t want some outsider from San Diego telling me that the decimation of my local area is just fine, because it isn’t. I love all the local wildlife, trees open landscape – that’s why we all moved here. If I wanted to live in an apartment lifestyle I wouldn’t have chosen Loomis. The impact on our local open space and parks will be intolerable. I’m an investor so I know what I deal with like evictions, noise, police calls, drugs and just flat out disturbances. I can only imagine this will be a huge burden to our area both financially and in local resources. Our local supervisors shouldn’t be so quick to sell us out for the mighty dollar; it makes us look weak with no backbone for our local values. Tara Wells, Loomis