Dogs from Loomis seizure find happiness in new homes

Roseville resident had new pet blessed with holy water
By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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After a Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills seizure removed them from their former allegedly neglectful Loomis home, two dogs have found peace with local families. Roseville resident Olga Trevizo is now the owner of Reyna, a 2-year-old adult female German shepherd. Trevizo said she met Rosemary Frieborn, a humane officer with the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills, in June, but didn’t expect the meeting would bring a new friend into her life. When Trevizo found out about the July 12 seizure from the property in Loomis rented by Jenifer Gabor and her husband, she said she immediately knew she wanted to help. “It was something bad that happened in my own community, and I wanted to know what was going to happen with so many animals,” Trevizo said. “My family also at that time we had chickens, and so I thought, ‘Gosh, I would at least like to find out how I can get these animals placed.’ I wasn’t even thinking of adopting, and then I found out they were looking to place dogs.” Trevizo said the adoption was also fitting because in June her mother’s border collie died unexpectedly. Trevizo said her family usually waits six months to a year to get another dog after one dies, but she decided to drive to the Greyhounds for Life kennel in North Auburn, where the dogs from the Loomis property were being kept. “I was just amazed and heart broken, but I was glad they were there,” Trevizo said. “I took time to visit with a few of the dogs, and I told (Rosemary) I wanted to bring back my mom and look at Reyna. We just really fell in love with the dog.” Right away the family took Reyna out to meet others, Trevizo said. “We immediately got to work with socializing her, and helping her to bond and helping her feel comfortable,” she said. “I took her out in the community, No. 1 to see how she reacted to other animals and introduce her to my friend’s dogs to see how she reacted, and she was perfect. She respects cats, she responds well to cats.” Trevizo said Reyna has brought a new light to her home. “She has just made everyone smile,” she said. “She has brought a real spark to the house. The neighbors all think she’s great. We were all kind of down since our other border collie passed away in June, but Reyna has just fit right into the family, and she’s just a really great dog and she’s really sweet.” Although Reyna came to the family on the skinny side, Trevizo said her health is improving. “She just needs to gain some more weight,” Trevizo said. “She’s still a little tender from being fixed.” Trevizo said she even took Reyna to her church to have her priest bless Reyna with holy water El Dorado County resident Susan Miller and her family adopted Maltese/poodle puppy, Louis, Aug. 9. “We were looking for a small dog, and we really thought that adopting a dog either from a rescue or a humane society was a good option for us,” Miller said. Miller said her family first saw Louis at the Humane Society’s bookstore/adoption center in the Raley’s shopping center on Lincoln Way in Auburn. “They have a meet-and-greet at the bookstore, and so I took the kids up and we met him there,” Miller said. “And he was the dog we expected him to be: a great, happy puppy.” Louis has fit right in at his new home, Miller said. “He’s great,” she said. “He’s fun, he’s a cute puppy. We love him. He was a little shy when we first got him. You would hold him and he would kind of melt into you. He’s just blossomed into a fantastic little family member.” Louis also gets along well with the family’s golden doodle, Hudson. Miller said the adoption process was long, because the Humane Society wanted to make sure Louis was getting a good home, but the experience was worth it. “I don’t know what his circumstances were,” she said. “I know he came from a large seizure. Even in the circumstances he lived in, he’s been a great dog to adopt.” Frieborn said the Humane Society is performing house checks for two more dogs, and there are still four available for adoption, as well as some puppies that will be ready for new homes in the future. Those interested in adopting can visit Curt Ransom, senior humane officer with the Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills, said the Humane Society is still working with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office on a potential future case against Gabor and her husband. Ransom said he is glad to see the dogs get new homes. “It’s a whole new world,” Ransom said. “The dogs are completely different than they were before, disposition wise. They have a lot more energy. They seem to appreciate their situation, and the people who have adopted these animals are certainly doing a huge part to help out these animals.” Reach Bridget Jones at