Doesn't want Loomis to become Antelope

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Before Loomis, we were raising our family in Antelope. We moved there over 14 years ago and right away joined our whole community in helping to build the “Park of Dreams.” There was cohesiveness then. Like Loomis, they had a newspaper that kept us connected. But unlike Loomis, Antelope didn’t have a town council, no invested local citizens standing in the gap to hold back the indiscriminate growth. Eventually, there were so many multi-family housing projects that my husband wrote a letter to the newspaper suggesting that we change the name to Apartment-lope. After they built the three-story apartments behind our home, we moved to Loomis. We have loved how, because of a good town council, Loomis has not been turned into a Roseville/Rocklin. We have shopping and dining that’s close enough, without the busyness in our back yards. I like it that way. I would much rather have a town council that goes the way of a “Nevada City” valuing the quaintness of their town, as opposed to an “Antelope.” We have heard from those that work in our local government that both Tom Millward and Rhonda Nelthorpe are not discerning about the projects they approve. There’s no more room in the Roseville/Rocklin area and the developers are at our door and they aren’t worried about changing the climate of Loomis. We feel that it’s urgent that you vote no, no, and yes for Gary Liss before Loomis goes the way of Antelope. Sandy Eagen Loomis