Doesn't like Bud's Beat's 'reporting'

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I am very disappointed in the “journalistic liberalism” and lack of professionalism shown by Mr. Bud Pisarek in his reporting of “Facts not in Evidence,” regarding Ms. Sarah Palin, Vice Presidential Candidate. Hearsay is not reporting, it is just rhetoric etched by the author’s own need to vent based upon his or her preconceived thoughts or ideas. A great disservice has been done to the reading audience, a candidate for Vice President of the United States of America, a once civil nation, and The Loomis News. I do hope in the future Mr. Pisarek will report upon facts that have been confirmed and not hide behind quotation marks and someone sending a mysterious e-mail. At least abide by the rules that you the editor have established for me the responder to this rhetoric. Ronald I. Heskett Loomis