Doesn't like 'Bud's Beat' liberal views

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Regarding Bud’s Beat’s Aug. 14 column, he endorses Obama’s cut-and-run policy in Iraq, thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Like many liberals, Bud has distaste for the word “victory,” especially if it has the word “American” before it. Just as the media did for Vietnam, they are doing their best to instill into the American psyche the idea that nothing is worth fighting for. For an authority, Bud quotes the “wisdom” of Charles McCabe, the late, liberal San Francisco pundit. Let me quote someone with slightly more gravitas in these matters, General Douglas MacArthur: “There is no substitute for victory.” Although Bud attempts to draw strained parallels between Vietnam and Iraq, let me point out a major difference: After we were unceremoniously thrown out of Vietnam, our adversaries did not follow us home, whereas a cut-and-run in Iraq will most certainly see that happen. Regarding his Aug. 21 column, Bud’s enthusiasm for Obama’s persona of hope is exhibited in rhetoric such as “those shared understandings that pull us together,” “the dogged optimism that has long defined us,” “so open and inspiring as he is,” etc. And unfortunately, that is about all Obama is, rhetoric. He is great at reading a teleprompter, but is afraid to debate McCain in a single town hall meeting. In the recent question/answer forum at Rick Warren’s church, McCain exhibited a clear edge over Obama in his grasp of most things that are important to the American people. Bob Griffin Loomis