Do seniors want NEVs?

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I?m writing in response to Gordon Harris? letter about NEV pathways. I am so glad I am not the only one questioning the need for NEV pathways. Did any senior, or anyone, in the Loomis area ask the Loomis Town Council for NEV paths? How many Loomis seniors, or anyone, are riding around in ?golf carts? or electric vehicles. How safe would anyone be riding around these streets in an EV? Motor vehicles traveling through Loomis often exceed the 25 mph speed limit; often ignore the pedestrian crossings; often park along the edge of streets where visibility is obscured. These are just a few of the hazards of traversing these streets. It?s ludicrous to think anyone would be safe in an EV. Also, where are the dollars to cover future/additional costs for completing/continuing this project coming from? Don?t we have better ways to spend our money? Virginia Anderson, Loomis